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Buy Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry | Bracelets and Necklaces

You already know the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Relieving stress, mood swings, colds, the list goes on. And most likely, you probably know about the various applications of using aromatherapy.

Among the most popular application methods is using an essential oil diffuser. You might already have one in your bedroom, living room, or even office space. Now, moving your diffuser from one room to another can be a pain.

Transporting it back and forth between work and home is an even bigger pain.

Taking it with you to the store is, well, not impossible (unless you want sideways looks for toting around a battery-powered diffuser).

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Benefits of Different Aromatherapy Applications

Before we outline your aromatherapy diffuser jewelry options, consider the benefits of each type of application (if you’re already familiar with the benefits, feel free to scroll on):

  • Topical: Provides quicker and more potent benefits. For most oils, best results would involve applying to your wrists, feet, neck, and/or back of the ears. Note that if you have any skin sensitivities, be sure to use a carrier oil.
  • Internal: Many oils can be taken internally via a pill capsule form. Some work well when added to water or tea as well. Benefits will take effect more gradually. Note that not all oils, and oil brands, should be taken internally. Be sure to check the label of the product you use before application.
  • Diffuser: If you’re already an avid oiler, you probably have at least one diffuser. Diffusing oils is an excellent way to gain sustainable results over longer periods of time.

Shop Essential Oil Bracelets and Necklaces

As we’ve noted, most aromatherapy users have at least one diffuser. And while the traditional diffuser can be transported between rooms, you certain have mobility limitations. That’s why more people are considering portable solutions – oftentimes in the form of a bracelet, necklace, or other form of jewelry.

Now, there are two main types of essential oil diffuser bracelets and necklaces. One type takes a more fashionable form. The other takes a more practical form that isn’t necessarily built for style. There are pros and cons to each, as outlined below:

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1. Diffuser Jewelry

There are a number of options when it comes to buying aromatherapy diffusing jewelry. Bracelets and necklaces are the two most popular choices.

Most products are made of stainless steel and they typically contain a reusable pad that diffuses the oil. Simply dab a couple drops of your chosen oil on the pad, place it in what is typically a locket, and you’ll experience the benefits for at least a few hours per application. Depending on your needs, it could last most of the day without having to reapply.

2. Portable Diffuser Bracelets

There are two key differences between diffuser jewelry and less traditional diffuser bracelets. The obvious difference is appearance. The former looks no different from any other type of jewelry.

Meanwhile, the latter typically takes the form of a wristband or “rock” bracelet. The key benefit is they can generally diffuse the oils for a longer period of time. Some of them use stones rather than pads, which allows them to diffuse for more than 24 hours, sometimes multiple days.

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For most people, reapplying once or twice each day isn’t too big of a deal. But it’s still a nice perk.

When it comes to diffusing your oils on the go, it’s all a matter of preference.

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