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Use Soothing Lavender Essential Oil For Beautiful, Shiny And Long Hair

When it comes to hair, men and women are willing to spend lots of money. Soft, shiny and healthy hair is valued in our society and as a result, the hair care industry is worth several billion dollars.

Unfortunately, many hair care products promise to transform hair but they just don’t live up to their promises. Part of the reason for this is that hair care products contain filler ingredients like sulfates that actually cause dryness and damage.

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Fortunately, lavender essential oil is a cheap yet highly effective hair care product that can treat various hair problems while providing a relaxing, sweet aroma.

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How Lavender Essential Oil Improves Hair

Since ancient times, men and women all around the world have been using lavender essential oil for hair. Thanks to the oil’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, it is capable of treating various hair-related problems (source).

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a skin condition of the scalp that is characterized by dryness, itchiness and irritation. Those who suffer from dandruff find that flakes of dead skin fall off of the scalp in clumps. In addition to being uncomfortable, this condition can be quite embarrassing.

Dandruff can be caused by a variety of factors including dryness, excessive exposure to heat, weather factors and exposure to harsh chemicals found in hair care products.

Lavender essential oil is a highly effective dandruff treatment because of its ability to heal scalp inflammation. When the skin on the scalp is inflamed, it will flake and become irritated. By applying lavender oil directly onto the scalp, the skin will return to normal (source).

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, can occur at any age and is more common as we grow older. Over time, hair production slows down, resulting in thinness and bald spots. Luckily, lavender essential oil can help.

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Lavender essential oil is capable of restoring hair back to its original fullness and rate of growth. One study showed that almost half of patients with alopecia experienced new hair growth as the result of massaging lavender oil onto their scalps (source).

Cleans Hair Effectively

Thanks to lavender essential oil’s antiseptic qualities, it can clean hair effectively without the use of harsh chemicals found in many shampoo products. Its unique ability to kill bacteria and fungus while gently removing dirt makes lavender oil a great cleansing product (source).

How to Apply Lavender Essential Oil to Hair

Lavender essential oil can be safely applied directly to the hair and scalp. Only a few drops are needed as the oil is very potent.

Those who have sensitive skin may find that lavender oil is irritating. In these cases, the oil can be diluted in a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. This will allow the patient to use lavender oil without the risk of irritation. Note that when lavender oil is combined with a carrier oil, the oil may need to be rinsed out or the hair can become greasy.

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With so many expensive hair care products on the market, it’s a relief to know that a small bottle of lavender essential oil can benefit the hair in so many unique ways. Between cleansing the hair, improving hair growth and soothing the skin on the scalp, it seems like there’s nothing that this oil can’t do.

If you like to use lavender essential oil as a hair care treatment, let us know in the comments below. Feel free to share this article with your friends!

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