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25 Uses For Lemon Essential Oils – Health Benefits

Similar to lavender and peppermint, lemon is often known as one of the “gateway oils,” largely due to its countless uses and benefits. Lemon essential oils contain properties that can provide cleansing and purifying benefits. Furthermore, they can work as great additives to foods and drinks.

They’re also made up of minerals and vitamins that have an even greater supply than just about any other food.

We could go on and on. So without further ado, here are our…

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25 uses for lemon essential oils

1. Add a few drops to a hot rag and wipe down kitchen countertops.

2. Add 5 drops to a glass measuring cup of water and put in microwave for 5 minutes. The steam will work as a degreaser. Wipe down microwave with hot cloth.

3. Use to polish faucets or other metal fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen.

4. Use lemon essential oil to polish wood furniture like a dinner table or coffee table.

5. Add a few drops to your floor cleaning mixture and use for tile or wood flooring.

6. Add a drop to your (glass) water bottle to detox and boost immunity.

7. During seasonal allergies diffuse lemon with lavender and peppermint.

8. Create yummy main dishes and delightful desserts with a drop or two of lemon.

9. Inhale deeply for an instant pick me up.

10. Soothe your throat by adding a couple drops to warm tea with honey.

11. Purify tainted water. Add a couple of drops of lemon and let sit for 5 minutes to purify.

12. Relieve constipation by massaging lemon oil and a carrier oil on the abdomen.

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13. Clear the air by diffusing or placing a cotton ball with a few drops of lemon in your vents.

14. Freshen laundry by spritzing items before hanging to dry or add to wet load prior to dry in dryer.

15. Regulate minor blood pressure issues by adding a drop or two to your favorite food or beverage.

16. Mix with carrier oil and apply directly to cold sores.

17. Lemon makes a great household cleaner! Mix with water or vinegar and get going in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

18. Gargle with lemon oil or rub on gums for bad breath.

19. Whiten teeth with lemon, baking soda and coconut oil.

20. Take care of sticky and gunky messes by using oil to remove stickers or other hard-to-scrub gunk.

21. Make a face cleanser with lemon and raw honey or baking soda.

22. Add strength and shine to your hair by adding a drop in the shower before using shampoo.

23. Place a few drops on your pillow to promote restful sleep.

24. Lemon can be used as a temperature regulator. Apply to the bottom of feet or add to a glass of water.

25. Use on bee stings to relieve minor pain and swelling.

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Quality – it really does matter

To make the most out of your lemon essential oil benefits, be sure that you are using only pure grade oils. It’s the only way to acquire the healthiest and most powerful benefits.

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