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Liquid Xanax Essential Oils Recipe

From time to time, and on different levels, we all experience some degree of stress. For some, it’s a constant struggle. For others, it’s an occasional nuisance spurred on by life’s typical daily stressors. Work, children, the list goes on. There are many factors that contribute to anxiety.

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So how do you manage your stress? Some take prescription medications. Some manage it on their own. Others use natural remedies, like the Liquid Xanax essential oils recipe, to curb their anxiety.

If you stumbled across this article on Google, you’ve probably already heard of this.

Below we will outline which oils are included in the Liquid Xanax recipe, and the best measurements to create a great stress-relieving concoction.

But first, a few statistics to consider…

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Anxiety in the U.S.

Liquid Xanax Recipe - Anxiety In US

As we’ve noted, regardless of your circumstances, you’re not alone. Whether its a genetic predisposition or environmental effects, anxiety in the United States is widespread.  A few facts:

  • Almost 20 percent of the U.S. population suffers from an anxiety disorder.
  • Americans dole out more than 40 billion dollars a year on these disorders.
  • Finances and economic circumstances inflict stress on 80% of Americans.

So there you have it. Regardless of your situation, you’re not alone in the boat. The questions is, how in your own life you deal with the stress-idemic.

Liquid Xanax Recipe

Before outlining the recipe, we should put out a disclaimer. We are not doctors, and we can’t claim that essential oils cure anxiety. Always speak to a physician if you are experiencing chronic stress, before relying solely on natural alternatives. 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way…

Liquid Xanax Recipe - Anxiety In US

Before concocting your blend, take note of, what we consider, the best anti-anxiety oils:

  • Lavender: Comprises properties that encourage joy and relaxation
  • Chamomile: Benefits inner harmony and decreases worry and irritability
  • Frankincense: Great for relieving general anxiety, particularly in social situations
  • Ylang ylang: Has a combination of calming and uplifting effects
  • Grapefruit: Offers uplifting benefits that improve overall mood

So these are some of the best single oils for anxiety. A blend like Liquid Xanax is another great option for fighting environmental and/or biological stressors. While there are other essential oil stress recipes out there, this is a simpler version. It’s for the person who doesn’t want to invest a lot of money into a large variety of single oils and blends.  If you do not have the essential oils handy to make your own blend,  Liquid Xanax essential oil blends for anxiety are available on Amazon.

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Liquid Xanax Recipe - Blending Essential Oils

The best way to craft your Liquid Xanax recipe is by using a 10ML glass roller bottle. Add the following oils:

  • 15 drops of lavender
  • 10 drops of frankincense
  • 10 drops of ylang ylang
  • 10 drops of grapefruit
  • Top off the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil (coconut oil, almost oil, etc.)

Once all the ingredients are combined, you’re good to go. Apply the mixture to your wrists and/or back of your neck as needed. Feel the difference in how your body is able to respond to that nagging constant stress and anxiety!

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Rollerballs are great for portability, particularly when applying essential oil blends. After all, you can’t lug your diffuser with you to the grocery store.

27 thoughts on “Liquid Xanax Essential Oils Recipe”

    • The author is not saying to dump the entire bottle of yourself. I just used a similar blend that I “dabbed” on myself. People aren’t going to DIE!!! Seriously, go be weird somewhere else.

  1. Ok this is going to sound odd but my cat has severe anxiety and a flea allergy.
    So basically she going bald in patches and looks like a werewolf.
    I read that citrus if something there livers have a hard time processing. Since it’s so diluted and used with other oils would this be safe(enough) to help keep her a lil calmer and keep the fleas at bay?

  2. So are these oils meant to be applied to the skin and the aroma of them helps?? I don’t understand the concept of how the oils affect the body, are they absorbed? or is the smell of the essential oils suppose to reduce anxiety? Will I feel and instant difference similar to when taking an actual Xanax? or are there no physical feelings, and potentially a placebo effect?

    • Andy its absorbed through the skin, into your blood stream and due to the purity (research purity whether you use Young Living, DoTerra etc) as some of the cheaper oils you find in stores are using synthetic oils which is not good. Research your questions on Google and just dig into it.

      • from what I’ve learned about essential oils, the best delivery is aromatically .. you would want to rub the roller bottle inside the wrists and maybe behind the ear and down the neckline .. you’ll get the benefit of absorbing in the skin and enjoying the aroma

    • No… Definitely would not. It would need to be further diluted but you should talk to your veterinarian before applying any essential oils to any animals.

  3. I’m adopting a young girl and needed something to help short-circuit her flight/fight response. This has been a game changer for us. Unless she is angry and really looking for a fight, it works within seconds. I made a roller bottle for her and I keep a spray bottle in the living room.

    The ratios here are much stronger than traditional aromatherapists recommend. According to Andrea Butj (founder of Aromahead Institute) in “The Heart of Aromatherapy” no more than five drops of eo should be used in a 0.3 fl oz roller bottle. (Imagine all the money you can save with properly diluted oils.)

    • Agreed. This extremely high dilution rate is WAY above what expert aromatherapists, such as Robert Tisserand, recommend. I’m also very concerned about the high dilution rate of Ylang Ylang, which has a very low max dermal rate. This recipe calls for MUCH more than the max dermal rate.

      I hope to hell people are doing their research (actual research) with this ‘recipe’ and others like it.

  4. I’m confused about application.
    How many drops? How much carrier oils?

    If I put his in a roll on – is there a ratio to how much carrier?

    And I’m sure there has to be a dosage regimen?
    Like one time I had too much cedar wood going and I felt like death.

    • Recipe says add essential oils first and then fill the rest of roller bottle with carrier oil. Also seems that amount of drops looks to much. For 10 ml bottles needs to be max 15 drops of essential oil. So if you use 3 oils needs 5 drops of each. It is easy to find dilutions rates for every dropper bottle. Just google it.


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