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5 Detox Baths For Stress and Anxiety Recipe

Does a detox bath really work for things like stress and anxiety? Well, for some it’s natural recipe for success. And it’s a homeopathic solution that can be done all in the comfort of your home. The benefits of detox baths are numerous, as they can be used for health and wellness issues like weight loss, sore muscles, colds and congestion, and more.

The reality is, it doesn’t really matter what your situation is. You could be a CEO working 12-hour days; or maybe a stay at home mom chasing 3 kids around all day. After a stressful day, everyone could benefit from a little relaxation.

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4 home detox baths for stress & anxiety

A home detox bath is an effective home remedy option that can cleanse the body and deliver added support to various parts of the body’s systems. Relaxation to the mind and body is one of these key systems that can benefit. We’re going to outline a few of our favorite detox baths, including the varying benefits of each type.

1. Epsom salt detox bath: Epsom salts have many uses when it comes to maintaining your health. And one of the most popular methods of using epsom salts is including them in a warm bath. Benefits include bolstering the circulatory system which, in turn, improves your nerve functions.

2. Hydrogen peroxide bath: Also known as an “oxygen detox,” hydrogen peroxide helps cleanse your body of toxins. Working with both antiviral and antibacterial agents, it is great for bathing in after you’ve been mingling (inadvertently or not) around large groups of people.

3. Baking soda bath: Working as a detoxifying agent, baking soda is known to help with minor feelings of stress. In this case, you must perceive anxiety as a “toxic condition,” and relaxing is a way to detox your body. The main idea behind a baking soda detox is it neutralizes chlorine, which is present in most city water. After all, detoxing can be quite difficult in a bath full of toxic chemicals.

4. Apple cider vinegar: For many people, this isn’t the most desirable bath (due to its aroma) – but many people find success with it to treat a variety of symptoms. It’s a great option for sweating out toxins, and can be beneficial for those suffering from anxiety that may stem from inflammation.

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An essential oils detox bath recipe

Anxiety DetoxWe’re certainly biased, but using essential oils in a nice warm bath can provide great benefits. With only a few drops, they can transform your bath into a sensory sensation.

What’s great about using essential oils in your detox bath is there is great versatility in their application. Meaning, there are many products available that promote relaxation. For instance:

  • Lavender: Contains properties that promote relaxation to the mind and body.
  • Peppermint: A couple drops in a bath will increase energy without dealing with the jitters from caffeine.
  • Orange: In addition to helping relieving mild stress, can help improve mood.

There are a number of essential oil blends that can also be effective in a detox bath. These blends contain several oils all for the purpose of addressing certain wellness issues. When it comes to mildly anxious feelings, here are our two favorites:

  • Relaxation Blend: Relaxes the mind, calms the body, and soothes the soul – all the while helping to curb the effects of daily stressors. Contains lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram, roman chamomile, vanilla bean, and hawaiian sandalwood.
  • Grounding Blend: With a warm, woodsy scent, Balance generates a sense of peace and wellbeing. This perfectly crafted blend contains spruce, blue chamomile, ho wood, frankincense, and blue tansy.

Whether it’s single essential oils or a powerful blend, applying these all natural, plant-based products is an excellent way to relax and recharge after a hard day’s work.

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