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A Cheap, Natural Anti Insomnia Cure That Works

Regardless of the severity of diagnosis, the festering symptoms of insomnia can make life miserable. The side effects are numerous. Getting poor sleep can cause anxiety and depression, while reducing your focus and attention throughout the day.

It’s easy to self-medicate with alcohol and various sleep aid drugs. But not only are some of these medications unhealthy and addictive, they can be very expensive over the long haul. That’s why more and more people are turning to natural anti insomnia remedies to help cure their sleep symptoms.

A note of caution: Please note that due to FDA regulations we cannot claim that our particular brand of products will treat or cure insomnia. However, these home remedies have worked wonders for natural-minded people all over the world.

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Anti insomnia remedies that can actually work

When it comes to improving sleep naturally, there is no shortage of organic, natural, or homeopathic “treatment” products and techniques to choose from. The question is, which one’s actually work? Many of them don’t. Some do. And the effectiveness of the products can vary from one person to another.

First, know that you’re not alone in dealing with the life inhibiting nature of mild or chronic sleep problems. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation:

  • Nearly half of the American public affirms to suffering from some occasional insomnia.
  • More than 20 percent of Americans experience insomnia symptoms every or almost every night of the week.

Sleep problems can stem from a variety of reasons, everything from pain to anxiety to depression and drug side effects. Unfortunately, lack of sleep itself can only worsen your symptoms, as the worry of not getting enough sleep causes further distress. This not only hinders your quality of life, it can pose long-term damage to your health.

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Aromatherapy oils for insomnia

If you’re looking for a cheap, natural anti insomnia alternative consider the use of essential oils. These purely organic products offer a 100% natural solution that can deliver healthy sleep benefits.

There are countless different single essential oils and blends. So the question is, which oils could be most effective for you? It can certainly depend on the person, as some oils may work better for some over others. That being said, lavender is by and large the most popular “anti insomnia oil.” As we noted previously, essential oils are not approved by the FDA (and therefore we can’t make treatment claims about specific brands). Still, there have been several studies that show the efficacy of lavender aromatherapy as a natural sleep aid alternative. A study published by the University of Southampton, for instance, analyzed the sleeping patterns of 10 adults. Administered over a 7-day period, here’s what the findings spelled out:

  • Half of those examined slept in a room with a placebo (almond oil) being diffused.
  • The other half slept in a room where lavender oil was being diffused.
  • After a week the two groups of participants switched rooms. Ultimately, the participants affirmed that their quality of sleep was 20 percent better in the room where lavender essential oil was diffused.

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Another natural alternative is to try out an essential oil blend, which comprises multiple oils for a more targeted purpose. Many companies offer blends that are crafted specifically to promote relaxation. Feel free to peruse our store to see these particular brands!

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