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Natural Morning Sickness Cures For Nausea & More

About eight out of ten women must endure morning sickness during their pregnancies. Heartburn, nausea, that dreaded flu-like feeling. Attempting to avoid medications that could potentially harm your baby is one of the most trying tasks of pregnancy.

Hence, the reason you might be looking for a natural “cure.”

Essential oils, in particular, can work wonders in dealing with morning sickness symptoms. We’ll get to those shortly. But first, consider these common natural alternatives that can ease your morning sickness unease.

5 Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

While nobody really knows for sure, morning sickness may stem from a variety of factors – everything from increasing hormone levels to alterations in how food travels through the gut. Is it a bad sign? Not at all.

“Some nausea is actually a good sign and may be associated with better pregnancy outcomes,” family physician at the Low Risk Maternity Clinic, Carolyn Lane, affirms. “If the pregnancy is developing on a normal schedule and all the pregnancy hormones are there, you are more likely to experience some NVP (nausea and vomiting during pregnancy).”

Here are a few healthy remedies to consider:

1. Mint

Sniffing or consuming a fresh flavor of mint can help eliminate nausea. Not to mention, it can freshen the mouth after a round of vomiting.

2. Vitamin B6

Adding vitamin B6 to your regimen can ease a range of morning sickness symptoms. A good cycle is 25 mg, three times daily.

3. Exercise

The last thing you feel like doing while you’re feeling queasy is to run a marathon. But even walking 15 minutes per day can release the endorphins that counter nausea and fatigue.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture uses tiny needles or very gentle pressure to target nerve centers throughout the body. Something as simple as Sea Bands can relieve some of your nausea.

5. Ginger

A popular ingredient in Chinese medicine, ginger is widely known for its stomach-taming benefits. Drink it in soda or tea whenever you start to feel queasy.

Morning Sickness CuresEssential Oils For Nausea While Pregnant

A quick disclosure: Some doctors advise against using certain aromatherapy methods during pregnancy. Therefore, we always recommend consulting your physician before making serious health decisions.

Peppermint is among the most popular oils for both treating nausea and boosting energy levels. Here are a couple ways to apply the oil:

  • Diluting with a carrier oil, massage a drop or two to your temples and back of neck. In addition to taming your tummy, this can boost energy throughout the day.
  • Diffuse three drops in your bedroom to ease nausea in the morning. Or anytime of the day. Because despite its “label,” you probably know morning sickness doesn’t just occur in the morning.

In addition to peppermint, here are a few additional essential oils to try:

  • Lemon: The antispasmodic and digestive properties of lemon can soothe an upset stomach. A recent clinical trial of women who were pregnant found that lemon oil significant decreased the severity of nausea.
  • Lavender: When inhaling directly from the bottle – or a portable essential oil diffuser – lavender can help settle an irritable stomach. It can also be massaged near the pit of your stomach, attacking the root of the problem.
  • Fennel: This seed oil eases bloating and gas by working within your digestive system. Rich in phytoestrogens, fennel works as a natural digestive aid.
  • Chamomile: By ridding gas buildup, chamomile attacks stomach discomfort in a direct manner. Diluted with a carrier oil it can be massaged near the pit of your stomach.
  • Coriander: Including flavonoids, iron, and phytonutrients, coriander is a quick indigestion healer. Its added benefits including curing nausea and components of constipation.

Natural Help For DepressionOils For Other Symptoms of Pregnancy

You probably already know, nausea is not typically the only ailment of pregnancy. Heartburn, sleeplessness, pain, and anxiety are just a few realities you may have become accustomed to.

Well, indeed, there are essential oils for those as well…

1. Heartburn

Heartburn isn’t as common as something like nausea or back pain. But it’s still a relatively common issue for pregnant women. To relieve heartburn:

  • Dilute some peppermint oil with a carrier oil and message around your chest.

2. Sleeplessness

Sleep is a problem for many pregnant women – worsening later in your pregnancy – and can stem from a number of issues. It can be psychological or physical, keeping you awake at night and/or keeping you from getting restful sleep.

  • Add 3 drops of lavender and 2 drops of vetiver to your diffuser and diffuse in your bedroom during bedtime.

3. Stretch marks

For most women, stretch marks are an inevitable result of having a baby. Essential oils can mitigate unfavorable skin changes. To maintain the health of your skin:

  • Mix a drop of lavender and a drop of frankincense with a carrier oil, and apply to your skin once per day.

4. Back pain

Later in pregnancy, back pain is one of the most debilitating side effects. It makes it difficult to sleep and manage yourself throughout the day. To relieve your back pain and other forms of discomfort:

  • Combine a carrier oil with a drop of peppermint and lavender, and apply to the area needing attention.

5. Anxiety and depression

Pregnancy brings so much joy to your life. Just thinking about your little girl or boy is enough to endure the debilitating aftereffects. Still, stress and depression are a natural result of becoming pregnant. To ease anxiety and mood swings:

  • Dilute 2 drops of lavender with your chosen carrier oil and massage on your neck, wrists, and behind your ears. Also note that combining lavender with yoga is a great way to relax your mind, body, and spirit.

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