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Best Natural at Home PMS Remedy for Mood Swings Relief

Anxiety, depression, irritability, up and down mood swings. You know the drill. The PMS symptoms that grace you monthly are more than just a nuisance. They control entire timeframes of your life – a whopping 12 times a year.

While there are a number of symptoms that accompany Premenstrual Syndrome, the ones we’re going to focus on specifically are those that impact your mood. While the physical pains from PMS are quite dreadful, the emotional swings can be just as debilitating, if not even more so. And whether it hits you at work, at home, or when you’re on the go, you’ve probably experienced that all too common feeling: “I just want to crawl into a hole!”

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Natural ways to reduce PMS mood swings

Before offering up our favorite natural remedy solution for relieving PMS symptoms, here are a few general lifestyle tips that can help promote happiness during that difficult time of the month:

  • Sleep: The amount of sleep you get has a significant impact on how your brain operates, including your overall mood. Getting quality sleep will give you mental clarity and increased energy.
  • Diet: The foods and drinks you consume also have a significant impact on the brain. Numerous studies suggest that certain foods can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Some of these foods include fish, vegetables, fruits, and – our favorite – chocolate.
  • Exercise: Let’s face it, physical activity is one of the last things you want to do when you’re suffering from PMS mood swings. But even so much as going for a stroll around the block can help with depressive symptoms.
  • Massage: Whether it’s DIY or from your partner, massages can help ease your pre-period woes, as they have the ability to boost blood flow and curb head tension.

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Following these basic tips will help ease the hate-hate relationship you have with that oh-so-dreaded “time of the month.”

A natural home remedy for PMS relief

You can supplement your efforts with herbal products such as essential oils. Used for thousands of years, aromatherapy oils do a whole lot more than simply offer a pleasant scent. Sure, they smell nice. But the therapeutic benefits that come with essential oils can be life altering – especially when you consider all the chemicals you are omitting from your body when you use them as a substitute.

In terms of improving your mood, here are a few of the top single oils to try out:

  • Lavender: Among the most popular oils available, lavender has relaxing properties that provide peace to the soul, body, and mind.
  • Orange: With a sweet, citrusy smell, orange increases energy while boosting your mood, concentration, and mental clarity.
  • Frankincense: A more rare, precious oil, frankincense promotes a sense of satisfaction and serenity. In addition to helping with mood, it can help to reduce stress as well.
  • Ylang ylang: Commonly used in fragrances, ylang ylang can ease tension and anxiety while stimulating a positive overall outlook on your life.

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In addition to these single oils, you can also try out a blend, which are crafted for more targeted results.

There are a number of applications for these products. If you have a diffuser, you can add a few drops of your chosen oil and diffuse throughout your living room or office space. For more instant results, apply a couple drops to your wrists and back of neck.

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