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Stop Suffering From Seasonal Allergies With Oregano Essential Oil

Spring is finally here. Once again, buds are appearing on the trees and gorgeous flowers are getting ready to bloom. However, not everybody can enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer during the springtime.

It’s estimated that 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms each year. This means that while the leaves begin to appear on the trees and flowers slowly blossom, more than ten percent of the population is feeling miserable (source).

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While there are many allergy relief medications available, they frequently cause side effects like sleepiness and brain fog. Luckily, oregano essential oil is an effective allergy treatment that is safe to use and works quickly.

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What Causes Seasonal Allergies?

Many people who suffer from seasonal allergies experience symptoms like a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and a dry cough. These unpleasant symptoms are the result of inflammation. For some people, the body’s immune system mistakenly perceives allergens like pollen as a threat despite the fact that they are harmless.

The immune system goes to great lengths to defend the body from allergens, putting the body in a state of inflammation as it tries to block allergens from entering the body through the various passageways. Therefore, the symptoms that allergy sufferers feel are not caused by the allergens themselves. Rather, these symptoms are caused by the immune system’s response to these allergens.

How Oregano Oil Treats Allergies

Thanks to its unique combination of chemical compounds, oregano essential oil can both treat and prevent allergy symptoms.

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Oregano oil has a unique chemical compound called carvacrol that reduce inflammation throughout the body. Allergy symptoms are the result of inflammation caused by the immune system’s attempt to defend the body against allergens. Therefore, by consuming oregano oil, the inflammation will decrease and the symptoms will disappear (source).

Anti-Allergic Properties

Oregano essential oil can also prevent allergy symptoms from occurring by changing the way that the immune system perceives common allergens like pollen and grass. Rosmarinic acid, another component or oregano oil, changes the way that the immune system responds to allergens.

In one study, patients who suffered from allergy symptoms were given oregano oil over the course of 21 days. The study concluded that oregano oil dramatically reduces the immune system’s defensive response to allergens (source).


Oregano essential oil can also treat congestion that results from an allergic reaction. Acting as a decongestant, the oil can break up mucus and phlegm when inhaled (source).

How to Use Oregano Essential Oil for Allergies

Oregano essential oil can safely be ingested to treat allergy symptoms. You can either place a few drops directly onto the tongue or drink a glass of water in which the oil has been diluted.

To reap the benefits of oregano essential oil’s decongestant abilities, you can inhale the oil by placing a few drops in a hot bath or adding the oil to an oil diffuser.

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Because of the amazing abilities of oregano essential oil, allergy sufferers don’t have to stay inside during the beautiful months of spring. This oil can treat allergy symptoms quickly and even change the way that the body responds to common allergens like dust, pollen and grass.

If you have ever used essential oils as a method for treating allergies, please tell us about it in the comments section below. If you know anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, be sure to send this article their way.

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