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Essential Oils For Coughs, Colds and Congestion

Sure, you could arm yourself with loads of Dayquil to fight off that winter cold and congestion. But what if there was another way? A natural way to deal with these pesky illnesses? Believe it or not, there are natural remedies for colds and congestion (and, yes, even the flu!) out there that actually work. Essential oils, for instance, are great natural defenses to all different kinds of sicknesses.

The cooler and drier weather certainly makes you more vulnerable to viruses such as colds, sore throats, and congestion. Lower humidity levels dry up our nasal passages, making it much more difficult to curb these pesky little “bugs.” Here we have outlined some recipes and essential oil uses to eliminate the misfortunes of seasonal illness.

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Add essential oils to a diffuser

Putting a few drops of essential oils in your diffuser could offer immense relief. Oils such as lemon, eucalyptus, and peppermint will reduce the number of germs in your home as well as freshen up the air. Of course, there are a number of blended concoctions you can create as well to deal with these illnesses.

Consider these popular oils for the following symptoms:

  • Peppermint: Relief for headaches stemming from congestion
  • Eucalyptus: Works as a decongestant, soothing respiratory issues
  • Lemon: Works as a detoxifying agent for congestion
  • Lavender: Has anti-inflammatory properties that helps with sinus pain and headaches

It is good to occasionally mix up your essential oil use from time to time. Similar to many types of drugs, tolerance can be built up when “overusing” a particular oil. Fortunately there area different oils you can use to treat similar symptoms. So consider mixing it up from time to time.

In case you’re wondering, diffusers break down essential oils into tiny molecules which are then projected into the air. With a quality diffuser, you can easily fill a significant sized room or work area.

As the oils break down they emit natural ozone, which in turn improves air quality in the room. Depending on how long you diffuse, and the quality of the oil and diffuser, particles can linger in the air for several hours. This is why running these oils through a diffuser can be so effective at fighting colds, congestion, sinus problems, and yes, even the flu.

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Ease your sinus problems with a respiratory blend

Respiratory problems are very prominent in today’s society. And while there are a number of chemical-infused drugs out there, natural remedies can be just as (sometimes more) effective.

If you’re looking for an essential oil blend that combines multiple natural properties, which will help with colds and congestion, you might consider crafting your own Respiratory Blend. This is a groundbreaking blend of oils that eases your breathing patterns for sustainable relief. Some of the primary benefits of it include:

  • Clear airways and overall breathing
  • Enhances respiratory health
  • Minimizes the impact of seasonal threats

To craft your own respiratory essential oil blend you’ll want to mix equal parts lemon, peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus. For maximum impact, you can apply it topically to your back, chest, or the bottom of your feet. You can also put a couple drops of each oil in your diffuser to cleanse the air in your home. For an added bonus, it has a pleasing aroma that will calm your senses – perfect for a good night’s rest. Other uses of this blend include:

  • Diffusing, inhaling, or applying topically will help fight seasonal and environmental threats
  • Use when spending time outdoors to curb the effects of seasonal changes
  • Rub on a family members chest before bed to prevent snoring

As previously noted, there are inhalation methods that allow you to diffuse on the go for days at a time (sincere apologies for the plug). Using our Openwork Lava Stone Necklace as an example, you can visualize the process:

Apply 2 Drops

Place in Locket

Diffuse For Days

Recommendations for children

You can certainly use essential oils for sick children, but there are certain things to consider (if you’re unsure, we always recommend consulting a physician). One of the most important things is using a quality, all organic product that is safe for children.

Whether your child is suffering from a cough or sinus issues, you can apply several times a day or at night until the coughing or congestion ceases. Again, we recommend using caution when applying to young children. If you are uncertain, it’s always best to consult a doctor.

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Prevention certainly doesn’t hurt

General prevention methods for colds, congestion, and influenza should also be kept in mind. Some may sound obvious, but we’ll point them out anyways:

  • Wash hands frequently to fight germs. It doesn’t hurt to have a natural hand sanitizer on hand.
  • Get plenty of sleep. It’s important for your body to get sufficient rest, particularly when you’ve been exposed to sickness.
  • Eat healthy, nourishing foods. Providing your body with the right fuel will help maintain your health and energy levels.

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