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Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendants & Lockets

The power of smell is, well, powerful. Smell can pleasing, and not so pleasing. An unexpected scent can ignite memories of the past. Smells interconnect with the limbic system, the part of the body that feels, inspires, and motivates.

That’s why more and more people are hopping on the aromatherapy bandwagon. It can soothe, calm, and even boost your mood (not to mention the countless health benefits that it can provide).

There are several different forms of aromatherapy, as well as several ways to use it.

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Aromatherapy DiffuserHow to Diffuse Aromatherapy

Essential oils, in particular, are among the most popular forms of aromatherapy. There are dozens of different types of oils and countless things to use them for.

Here are the three main ways to apply them:

  1. Topical: Put a drop or two on your skin (typically diluted with a carrier oil). Depending on what you are using the oils for, you can apply to your wrists, back of the neck, or bottom of your feet.
  2. Internal: Add a few drops of oil to a vegetable capsule and take with water. Now, this one must come with a disclaimer. Most brands should not be taken internally. And even for those brands, certain oils (like eucalyptus) should not be taken internally at all.
  3. Diffuse: Arguably the most popular applications, diffusing oils is a great way to gain consistent results.

There are a couple different ways to diffuse oils. Traditionally, you would add the oils to a stationary diffuser. These diffusers combine water and oil to create a steam that diffuses in the air.

Then, there’s the portable method…

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Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry

A growingly popular form of diffusing oils is through portable jewelry – specifically bracelets and necklaces. As far as bracelets, you might find something that comprises a band of diffusable lava stones. Add a drop or two of oil to a lava stone and the stone will hold a scent for days.

There are also bracelets that have small locket “charms” that hold a felt pad or lava stone. Same process, add a drop or two of oil and then place in the locket.

Essential oil necklace diffusers work similarly. You might have a pendant attached to a chain that can absorb the oil.

Or you’ll have a locket that holds a diffusable lava rock. Here’s how it works…

Apply 2 Drops

Place in Locket

Diffuse For Days

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