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Hangover Remedies For Nausea: All Natural Cures

Party a little too much over the weekend and want to curb those dreaded morning-after symptoms? Are you looking to do so with a natural hangover remedy for nausea and headaches?

There is not really any concrete evidence of what precisely causes a hangover. In fact, there are a number of conflicting claims. For instance, some assert that too much alcohol impacts biological rhythms; others claim that withdrawal is what spurs hangover symptoms.

Some studies suggest that various impurities that are distilled into alcohol are what cause nausea (the sweeter the beverage, the more impurities). The mind-numbing headaches that often accompany a hangover often stem from dehydration. Your body must adjust to falling blood alcohol levels after you’ve finished drinking.

What is the most proven “cure” for a hangover? Time. Generally, anywhere from eight hours to a day will do the trick. But until then, there are natural remedies you can use before and after drinking to ease your hangover.

Natural ways to cure a hangover

The following list doesn’t contain any specific remedy products, but instead a brief compilation of tips (we’ll give you some product remedies towards the end). These are many ways to treat your hangover symptoms – everything from nausea to migraines and fatigue – naturally.

  • Water: Drinking lots of water will increase your hydration while you’re consuming alcohol. Drinking water in between drinks is great “preventative maintenance.” If you disregard this rule, and wake up with a gut-wrenching hangover, drink as much water as you can stomach to rehydrate and weed out the impurities in your body.
  • Other fluids: In addition to water, you can also hydrate with fluids that are rich with electrolytes. This could include coconut water, sports drinks, and various soups. These will help restore the salt, potassium, and other variables that you’ve lost.
  • Sugar: While sugar can be undesirable while drinking bitter drinks like beer, research shows that fructose might speed up your alcohol metabolism – therefore, decreasing the risk of a hangover. Orange juice in between cocktails is a good option.
  • Food: It may not be the first thing on your mind, but eating a hearty breakfast can help replenish your system. The electrolytes in food can help with dehydration and add calories back into your system. The best hangover foods are easy to digest, such as cereal or toast.
  • Ginger: Taking ginger to ease vomiting and general nausea is a folk remedy that has been used for centuries. The National Institutes of Health affirms that taking a mixture of tangerine, ginger, and brown sugar before drinking alcohol will reduce hangover symptoms.

Before we lay out the best natural remedy products for hangovers, consider this last piece of advice: Hop back into bed. Lack of sleep only worsens the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Sleeping as much as possible the day after is one of the best ways for your body to heal itself.

The best natural hangover remedy products

Fern With Essential OilsWhile these aren’t specific products intended for hangovers, many people find aromatherapy highly effective at easing nausea, head pain, and other hangover symptoms. With countless uses, essential oils can be effective at helping with a variety of hangover symptoms. Peppermint oil, for instance, can decrease head pain while instantly improving energy. It can be especially effective when combined with orange or lemon oil. Here are a few ways to apply it:

  • Pour just a few drops into a bath. This will generate an invigorating aromatherapy steam for quick relief.
  • Apply the peppermint to your temples and back of the neck to reduce head pain.
  • Rub on your belly and lower back to curb nausea.

In addition to peppermint, lavender oil offers a well-rounded treatment for many forms of discomfort. It is especially great for promoting relaxation and healthy thought processes. Outside of being used for hangovers, many people use it for stress and moodiness. Here are a couple ways to apply it:

  • Apply topically to your temples and wrists to decrease head pain and relax your mind and body.
  • Run 7 to 10 drops through an aromatherapy diffuser. This is a great solution if you’re looking to relax before and during a nap.

To keep it simple…

Here’s how to use these popular oils for your hangover “treatment”:

  • Peppermint: Use for nausea, energy, and headaches. Add in orange or lemon for improved energy and focus.
  • Lavender: Helps relax the body during hangover recovery. Can help with nausea, but is especially helpful for mental recovery.

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