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Natural Ways to Improve Memory and Attention to Detail

There are many natural techniques and remedies for improving memory function and retention. The question is, where to begin. The attention to detail that most jobs (not to mention, those tiresome school exams) demand can be difficult when your energy and comprehension skills are lacking.

The truth is, you have a number of solutions – everything from organic foods to natural home remedies and herbal supplements. It all comes down to what works best for you.

So without further ado, here are a few natural ways to improve memory, focus and mental clarity.

Before getting into our (somewhat biased) herbal memory booster, it’s great to consider simple these daily routines to improve focus, mental clarity, and attention to detail.

How to improve your memory naturally

  • Eating right: The foods that you do and do not eat are critical to your overall memory. Avoiding sugar carbohydrates while adding vegetables and healthy fats to your diet will increase your brainpower.
  • Exercise regularly: With routine exercise, your brain will operate at optimal capacity by energizing nerve cells to expand. Stretching, strength training, intermittent movement, and “working on the core” will all help counteract memory loss and inattention.
  • Less multitasking: By curbing simultaneous work, you’ll be less prone to errors – giving you greater concentration and a better attention to detail.
  • Get quality sleep: Ensuring that you get adequate sleep consistently improves mental performance. It may sound obvious, but getting only 4 to 6 hours of sleep each night can significantly impact your brain’s ability to think clearly throughout the day.
  • Brain games: By challenging your brain with mental games, you can counteract the degeneration of memorization and comprehension. Computer-based brain-training can help you optimize a wide range of skills – all the way from reading to thought recollection.

It is well known that how we live out our lives is integral to contributing to either cognitive incline or decline. Exposure to stress, sleep deprivation, toxins, and chemicals can severely hinder regular brain function. On the flipside, a healthy lifestyle can bolster brain health and even promote neuron growth – which, in turn, promotes better memory.

An all natural remedy for memory and attention

Memory and AttentionKeeping your mind on track can be quite the challenge. But before jumping right into traditional methods, you might consider homeopathy for any memory problems you may be suffering from. Aromatherapy, more specifically essential oils, are becoming increasingly popular when addressing certain mild issues relating to the brain.

First, here are a few single oils to consider:

  • Lavender: Promotes peace and mental balance with mild sedative properties.
  • Basil: Can support efforts to increase attention and stay on task.
  • Ylang Ylang: Offers uplifting benefits to balance the mind and body.

In addition to using single oils you can also try out blend – comprised of multiple oils designed to attack more specific functions. Utilizing an energy blend, for instance, includes a carefully selected mixture of oils to address memory and inattentive behavior.

Time to recap

  • Adjust daily lifestyle with things such as diet, exercise, sleep, and work habits.
  • Try a natural alternative like essential oils to improve your memory and focus.
  • Go the extra mile by trying an essential oil blend for more targeted results.

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