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5 Techniques to Reduce Social Anxiety Naturally

When suffering from social anxiety, or any type of stress for that matter, finding ways to calm down is seemingly impossible. After all, the only thing you’re focusing on is how you feel. And this mindset can oftentimes make your symptoms even worse. You begin to focus on many of the things that actually fuel and intensify your anxiety. Unable to manage your emotions, your mind begins tossing around questions like:

  • What if my social anxiety gets worse than it already is?
  • What if those people staring back at me hate my presentation?
  • What if they notice the sweat dripping down my neck?
  • What if I get a big fat “F” on my exam?

And on and on… This mindset is among the driving forces behind your social anxiety. That being said, one of your primary goals should be to eliminate those mind-numbing questions, by calming your mind, body, and soul.

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5 natural ways to eliminate social anxiety

First, we’re going to outline a few basic tips and techniques to reduce social anxiety. Then we’ll offer up some product ideas that we use (and sell) to assist in your efforts (sorry, we have to self-promote some). All of these products and techniques can be done in a 100% natural, healthy way.

1. Take deep breaths

Tom Corboy, founder of the OCD Center of Los Angeles, spelled it out clearly: “The first thing to do when you get anxious is to breathe.” It’s pretty simple. Deep breathing from the diaphragm is a powerful technique to reduce anxiety. Slowly inhale for four seconds, filling up your belly and chest, hold your breath for four more seconds, and slowly exhale for another four seconds.

2. Meditation

Ways to Reduce Social AnxietyFear and worry is a negative, but common emotion. Meditating is a good way to get rid of racing thoughts that simply won’t go away. It helps with all forms of anxiety by clearing the overactive mind. It’s a way to detach yourself to live in your own being. While you won’t be able to stop what you’re doing and meditate during social situations (that might be a little awkward), practicing this mindset will help with the ongoing situations you face every day.

3. Exercise and yoga

Regular exercise provides a sense of confidence and self accomplishment. A study conducted by researchers from Queen’s University resolved that exercise and relaxation techniques (such as yoga) can alter the ways in which people view the world. The findings unlocked a new therapy approach for individuals suffering from mood and social anxiety disorders.

4. Calming visualizations

Picture yourself on a nice warm beach or outside in your favorite park. Watch the leaves pass by and the clouds clear. Channel your emotions, sensations, and thoughts to nature. Generally, this is the exact opposite of what we want to do. Instead, we assign tense qualities and judgments that amplify our stress and anxiety. But redirecting your thoughts towards relaxing scenery can work wonders.

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5. Natural aromatherapy

To amplify your efforts in reducing social anxiety, it doesn’t hurt to have a little added assistance – particularly 100% natural assistance. There are a number of natural home remedies that can help when dealing with anxious feelings. First, please note that we are not physicians, and therefore cannot affirm that these products cure or treat any specific disease (our obligatory disclaimer).

Aromatherapy, in the form of essential oils, offers therapeutic benefits that can help with a range of issues. One of those issues is helping with anxious feelings. When it comes to these all natural products, the most popular oil for dealing with social anxiety is lavender. Distilled from the lavender plant, it offers sedative benefits that can calm both the mind and body – also delivering mild feelings of serenity and euphoria.

In addition to lavender, there are also essential oil blends you can try, which are formulas of multiple oils designed for a specific purpose. For instance, our relaxation blends can offer feelings of calm and euphoria.

A comprehensive plan

The best way to curb social anxiety is by using a comprehensive plan. Try out a few of these techniques and see which ones work best for you. Then, consider adding on a natural remedy to complement your efforts!

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