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Natural Remedies For Fear of Public Speaking

We know, it’s interesting that we are pointing out public speaking in particular. But keep in mind, according to many surveys it’s the number-one fear for Americans (even behind death). Whether it’s a class presentation or leading a business meeting, it can be stressful to get up and speak with dozens of eyes staring back at you all at once.

We can’t claim that these natural remedies for fear of public speaking are any form of cure. It’s going to take a little bit of willpower as well. However, we have found success with them personally along with other natural-minded individuals all over the world.

It’s not uncommon to break into a sweat or have uncontrollable shaking when having to stand up in front of a group. It’s a primal fear that stems from the intimidation of potential rejection. Indeed, we perceive being rejected by a social group as a sort of “death sentence” (hence it being the number-one fear ahead of death).

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Home remedies for fear and anxious feelings

While there are a number of options you can pursue when it comes to releasing the dreaded fear of public speaking – that stems from a form of tension and anxiety – many people find natural remedies like essential oils effective. Before we get rolling, we must note that the advice we provide in this article should not be taken as any form of medical advice for stress or anxiety. Essential oils are not intended to treat or cure any form of illness.

As we noted, natural alternatives alone will not vanish your worries altogether. It’s going to take a little more effort. So before we outline which oils are the most impactful, consider these 6 basic tips for combatting the fear of public speaking:

  1. Breathe. 1, 2, 3. Take slow, deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth.
  2. Give yourself a reality check, or “self-talk” if you will. Don’t beat yourself up, but give yourself assurance that your fears are irrational.
  3. Use your imagination. Picture yourself in a peaceful state in a particular scenario (like the beach), adding details like smell, feel and sound.
  4. Watch your diet. Don’t eat a heavy meal before having to speak publicly. Light foods like fruits and smoothies can help ease tension.
  5. Recall your past successes. Looking back to things that you’ve previously found success with will give you self-confidence.
  6. Play soothing music. Classical or relaxing music will help promote a calming sense of peace. Coupling this with the above breathing techniques will help clear your mind and spirit.

There are also a range of natural anxiety supplements that can give you courage. For example, Homeopathic Stress Mints and Hyland’s Nerve Tonic can help give you the courage to speak freely before your peers.

Essential oils for fear of public speaking

As we’ve previously noted, essential oils are not intended to treat stress or anxiety with any medical implications. However, many people (including ourselves) have found homeopathic alternatives like essential oils to be effective for easing minor stressors and anxious feelings. To keep it simple, here are a few oils we use for these purposes:

  • Lavender: With calming properties, lavender is a popular oil known for its relaxing benefits. This is the oil we use most in our household, as it can help with sleep, minor stress, among many other things.[amazon box=”B005V22SEI”]
  • Frankincense: Used for centuries by a variety of cultures, frankincense is known to slow and deepen breathing, while clearing the mind and increasing concentration.[amazon box=”B07DVPP57X”]
  • Ylang ylang: Harboring a pungent aroma, ylang ylang can lift your spirits while calming your nerves with sedative-like characteristics.[amazon box=”B005V2UK2A”]

When it comes to public speaking, the key is to feel relaxed but also focused and “in the zone.” That’s where natural remedies like essential oils can help.

For increased effect, you might also consider combining multiple oils to form a blend. For instance, combining oils like lavender, ylang ylang, and chamomile provides a more diversified and targeted effect.

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