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Essential Oils For Gas and Upset Stomach – Aromatherapy

What essential oils are best for gas, occasional constipation, and an upset stomach? While there isn’t a cure-all for ongoing stomach ailments, there are home remedies like aromatherapy that can certainly provide some degree of relief.

Having stomach issues is the pits. Especially when you’re plagued by tummy troubles at work, or even worse, in public where you won’t always find the most sanitary restrooms. There’s no easy way to put it. When you’re suffering from those dreaded stomach aches and pains – while trying to hold in “the gas” – you’re about ready to try anything and everything. Sorry for the graphic scenery, but hey, it’s one of life’s unfortunate realities. It happens to everyone.

Anyhow, what we’re going to discuss today is using natural alternatives like essential oils to curb that unwanted gas and soothing the occasional upset stomach.

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Aromatherapy oils for gas and tummy troubles

When it comes to using essential oils for gas and poor digestion, you have a number of choices to turn to. Everyone’s digestive system is different, so what may work for one person may not work for another person. So, in a matter of speaking, it may require a little bit of “A/B testing” on your part.

Before we outline the essential oils that we’ve found most effective in our household, consider any changes in your lifestyle that may also offer a “natural solution.”

  • Alter your diet by avoiding certain foods that your stomach may be sensitive to.
  • Slow down your eating, so as not to overeat when you may already be full.
  • Avoid consuming too much coffee or alcohol.
  • Resist the urge to chow down on midnight snacks.
  • Journal your food intake to see what may be contributing to your tummy troubles.

1. Peppermint essential oil

Used for centuries (including ancient societies such as the Greeks and Romans), peppermint can help ease poor digestion by soothing your stomach muscles. While essential oils are not approved by the FDA, and therefore are not intended to “treat” or “cure” any disease, there have been studies done on the efficacy they have on general health and wellness.

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Upset Stomach2. Black pepper essential oil

Indeed, the black pepper you so often use to add flavoring to your meals can be consumed in “oil form”as well. Of course, black pepper essential oil is not the same as the pepper that comes in a shaker. What we’re talking about is much more potent.

A rich source of antioxidants, black pepper oil can help ease minor constipation symptoms while offering a unique, but pleasing scent. It’s not the floral scent that you would get from lavender, but it certainly has it’s own appeal. Using black pepper in aromatherapy form can help aid digestion while supporting healthy circulation.

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3. Lemon essential oil

Some of the more citrusy oils, like lemon, have antioxidant benefits that can improve respiratory function while aiding the digestive tract. It is commonly used to calm the stomach while relieving minor nausea.

Adding just a single drop of therapeutic grade lemon oil to a glass of water can be very helpful for relieving gas and an upset stomach. Additionally, it helps cleanse the body naturally while supporting healthy respiratory function.

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Our favorite – an essential oil blend

While these single oils are known to be effective at warding off tummy troubles, the preference we always point to is an essential oil blend. While we can’t use the particular brand name we use, due to compliance, we’ll outline some general features of the product. First, here are the benefits of what we like to call, the “tummy tamer” blend:

  • Helps to maintain a naturally health gastrointestinal tract.
  • Helps to soothe gas and the occasional upset stomach.
  • Helps in aiding the digestion of foods and drinks.

Homeopathic AlternativesThis blend contains oils such as fennel, caraway, ginger, peppermint, and coriander, each ingredient adding to the overall efficacy and potency of the blend.

Summing it all up

While gas, constipation, and other tummy troubles can be quite the burden on our everyday lives, you might consider essential oils as a great natural alternative.

In addition to adjusting your diet and daily habits, add this home remedy to your arsenal to help soothe and calm your digestive system.

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