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15 Fresh and Exciting Reasons For Keeping Lemon Essential Oil In Your Pantry At All Times

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Lemon essential oil is a powerful product that can do just about anything. The strong citrus scent of lemon stimulates the mind and promotes feelings of well-being. Additionally, the oil can treat a tremendous amount of health problems from chronic pain to acid reflux. Lemon essential oil belongs in every household thanks to its incredible healing properties.


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1. Keep Mosquitoes Away to Enjoy the Outdoors

Once the warm weather comes around, people make plans for camping trips, outdoor parties and general fun in the sun. Unfortunately, nothing can ruin a good day outdoors like pesky mosquitoes. In addition to being itchy and annoying, mosquito bites can actually be dangerous as some mosquitoes carry life-threatening diseases.

For this reason, almost everyone brings a bottle of bug spray everywhere they go during the summer months. While commercial bug spray products are effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay, they are also harmful to one’s health because of the toxic ingredients that they contain.

New research has shown that most commercial bug spray products can damage the internal organs when applied to the skin regularly. Quite shockingly, scientists have discovered that 17 percent of bug spray applied to the skin makes its way into the blood stream. Once these toxic chemicals are in the blood stream, they can do tremendous harm to the central nervous system. In one study, commercial bug spray was applied to lab animals. At the end of the study, the animals exhibited motor function problems as well as memory dysfunction (source).

The good news is that pure essential oils are just as powerful as commercial insect repellents when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away. Because essential oils are derived from plants found in nature, they contain chemical compounds that keep bugs away naturally.

Studies have demonstrated that the combination of lemon essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil is extremely successful at keeping mosquitoes away. Amazingly, one study compared the effectiveness of this oil combination with the effectiveness of commercial insect repellent and found that both were almost 100 percent effective when it came to repelling mosquitoes (source).

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The Bug-Repelling Spray Method to Keep Mosquitoes Away

  1. After removing its cap, clean out a 20oz plastic spray bottle with warm water and soap.
  2. Place a plastic funnel into the plastic spray bottle’s spout and fill the 20oz spray bottle to the top with water. Take the funnel out.
  3. After twisting off your lemon essential oil bottle’s cap, pick it up in one hand.
  4. Tilting your lemon essential oil bottle above the spout of the spray bottle, shake out about 30 drops of lemon essential oil. One drop should fall out at a time.
  5. Return the lemon oil bottle’s cap by screwing it back on.
  6. Unscrew a eucalyptus essential oil bottle’s cap. Using the same tilting motion, pour about 20 drops directly into the water inside of the spray bottle. Put the eucalyptus essential oil bottle’s cap back on.
  7. Tightly place the spray bottle’s cap back on and shake the spray bottle vigorously for about one minute. By shaking it, the water and the lemon essential oil will mix together.
  8. Spray this lemon essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil bug spray liberally on your body and around your home to keep mosquitoes away.

2. Keep Infections Away by Boosting Your Immune System with the Power of Vitamin C

Recently, science has confirmed that vitamin C is essential when it comes to fighting off infections. The immune system works hard to fight off infections that enter the body by attacking foreign viruses and bacteria. When the body is deficient in vitamin C, however, the immune system loses its strength and leaves the body much more vulnerable to illnesses of all kinds (source).

A scientific evaluation confirmed that high doses of vitamin C can improve the immune system’s ability to fight off infections. Additionally, taking high doses of vitamin C while sick can dramatically reduce the duration of the illness.

In addition to compromising the function of the immune system, a vitamin C deficiency can leave a person feeling lethargic and can cause joint pain and digestive disorders. In a world where fast food is easily available, many people do not get the proper amount of vitamin C each day. Plus, many people are at a higher risk of developing a vitamin C deficiency because of health conditions or lifestyle choices that interfere with the body’s ability to absorb vitamin C. For example, people who drink heavily, smoke cigarettes and have certain digestive disorders require more vitamin C than those who do not (source).

Unsurprisingly, pure lemon essential oil contains very high levels of vitamin C. In fact, just a few drops of lemon oil daily can boost vitamin C levels tremendously. As a result, the immune system can function properly, keeping infections away and preventing illness (source).

The Daily Immunity-Boosting Tonic Method for a Healthy Body

  1. With either filtered water or tap water, fill a regular drinking glass to the top.
  2. Twist the lemon essential oil bottle’s cap off by unscrewing it. Then, hold the lemon essential oil bottle in your hand and angle it so that the bottle’s top is tilted to face the mouth of the water glass.
  3. Use your index finger to tap the lemon essential oil bottle’s side. One oil droplet should fall out at a time. Pour about three drops of lemon essential oil into the water glass.
  4. Use a spoon to carefully but quickly stir the mixture of water and lemon essential oil. Do this for around 20 seconds so that the ingredients are combined.
  5. Drink the lemon essential oil and water mixture. Do this once or twice a day to maintain a healthy immune system.

3. Clean and Disinfect Surfaces of Your Home to Keep Your Family Healthy

When it comes to keeping your household clean, free of dangerous germs and smelling fresh, nothing works better than lemon essential oil. For one thing, the zesty lemon scent masks bad odors instantly.

Lemon essential oil is a powerful disinfectant that will kill germs that are lurking on your surfaces. One study compared the antibacterial properties of various essential oils and concluded that lemon essential oil is one of the most potent antibacterial agents around. Therefore, by spraying the oil around your home, you can kill harmful bacteria (source).

Another study tested lemon oil’s antimicrobial effects on food-borne bacteria. According to the study, lemon essential oil can prevent a majority of food-borne illnesses. For this reason, the oil is frequently used as a natural food preservative to extend the shelf life of dairy products (source).

Yet another study compared lemon essential oil’s antimicrobial properties with those of commercial disinfectant products. The study confirmed that lemon essential oil can kill many different dangerous germs that can lead to food-borne illnesses. In fact, lemon essential oil can kill E. coli (source).

There are tremendous health advantages when it comes to going natural with your household cleaners. Recent studies have evaluated the toxicity of chemicals found in most commercial household cleaners. For example, there are no regulations when it comes to the chemicals used to scent household cleaning products. Many of these synthetic fragrances contain chemicals that, when inhaled, damage the endocrine system and the central nervous system (source).

Plus, many household cleaners use extremely aggressive antibacterial agents that can cause drug-resistant bacteria to develop in your home. Lemon essential oil, on the other hand, effectively kills household germs without promoting the growth of resistant bacteria.

The Germ-Fighting Spray Method to Rid Your Home of Dangerous Germs

  1. Pour water into a clean and empty 20oz spray bottle. You may do this by either pouring filtered water into the bottle with a funnel or holding the bottle’s mouth directly under your faucet. Fill the bottle halfway with water.
  2. With a funnel, pour one cup of distilled white vinegar into the 20oz spray bottle. You may measure out a cup of vinegar beforehand with a measuring cup.
  3. Pour thirty drops of lemon essential oil into a bowl after unscrewing the oil bottle’s cap and setting it aside. To pour out exactly thirty drops, flip the lemon oil bottle upside-down and very lightly shake it, counting each drop as it falls out.
  4. Holding a funnel above the spray bottle’s mouth, pour the lemon oil that’s inside of the bowl into the spray bottle.
  5. Screw the 20oz spray bottle’s cap back on tightly. Then, mix the lemon essential oil, white vinegar and water together by shaking the bottle for 50 seconds.
  6. You may use this spray liberally around your home to give your house a fresh scent and to rid surfaces of harmful bacteria.

4. Lose Weight Naturally with One Simple Ingredient

For centuries, people have searched far and wide for weight loss products that actually work. More recently, people have turned to weight loss supplements that come with a ton of dangerous side effects. For example, countless weight loss supplements act as powerful stimulants, speeding up the metabolism by stimulating the nervous system. These pills can dramatically increase a person’s heart rate and lead to hypertension. Needless to say, they should be avoided at all costs (source).

On the other hand, lemon essential oil is a completely safe and natural weight loss aid that has been around for centuries. Lemon essential oil can help a person lose weight without side effects thanks to its unique chemical composition.

One study confirmed that lemon essential oil can lead to weight loss because of its ability to actually break down white adipose tissue. This tissue is the type of fat that builds up from certain foods and causes a person to eventually become overweight or obese (source).

Another study proved that lemon essential oil blocks the absorption of dietary fat and boosts the metabolism. Additionally, some scientists believe that lemon essential oil can suppress the appetite, helping a person lose weight simply by making them less hungry (source).

The Daily Drinking Method for Natural and Safe Weight Loss

  1. Grab your favorite water glass and pour water into it. Fill it to the top. You may use filtered water or tap water depending on your preference.
  2. Twist off your lemon essential oil bottle’s lid and put it down somewhere nearby.
  3. Pick up the lemon oil bottle in one hand and hold it in a tilted position so that its spout is hanging over the water that’s in the drinking glass.
  4. With your index finger, begin tapping the side of the glass gently. Count as three drops of lemon essential oil enter the water.
  5. Use a spoon to stir the lemon oil and water together for 20 seconds.
  6. Drink the contents of the glass. You may do this three times each day.

5. Say Goodbye to Heartburn and Painful Acid Reflux Symptoms

When it comes to treating painful digestive problems with essential oils, peppermint oil is almost always the first thing that comes to mind. However, new studies indicate that something unique in the chemical composition of lemon essential oil can treat heartburn and the pain associated with acid reflux (source).

Lemon essential oil contains a chemical compound called d-Limonene that has been shown to reduce pain along the upper gastrointestinal tract. Some scientists believe that this chemical compound provides a coating to the lining of the upper digestive tract that protects it from the pain caused by exposure to gastric acid.

One study showed that vitamin C can protect the upper digestive tract and prevent pain. The ascorbic acid in lemon has been shown to treat peptic ulcers and even prevent gastric cancer (source).

The Heartburn-Fighting Ingestion Method for Fast Pain Relief

  1. Measure out one third of a cup of water or raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and pour it into a drinking glass. Many people find that apple cider vinegar relieves the pain associated with heartburn or acid reflux. However, some people do not enjoy its taste. In that case, water will still be effective once it has been mixed with the lemon essential oil.
  2. After taking off its cap with a twisting motion, tilt a lemon essential oil bottle above the mouth of the drinking glass. Its spout should be about one inch above the water or apple cider vinegar.
  3. By lightly shaking the lemon essential oil bottle, pour three drops into the glass. Each drop should fall out individually.
  4. Stir the lemon essential oil into the water or apple cider vinegar quickly for 15 seconds.
  5. Quickly consume the contents of the glass for pain relief. You may do this after each meal.

6. Lower Blood Pressure without Dangerous Medications

Considering how high-stress our society has become, it’s no surprise that more than 75 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure. There are numerous factors that can contribute to high blood pressure such as poor diet, excessive stress and smoking (source).

Considering how common high blood pressure is in America, it’s safe to assume that an incredibly high number of people rely on blood pressure medications. Unfortunately, these medications have been proven to put sufferers at risk of a variety of side effects(source) such as stroke and depression (source).

Fascinatingly, one study proved that, when combined with daily walking, the daily consumption of lemon essential oil can lower blood pressure (source).

The Daily Ingestion Method for Lowering Blood Pressure

  1. Fill a glass with filtered or tap water.
  2. Unscrew the lemon essential oil bottle’s cap with a twisting motion. Place the lemon essential oil bottle’s cap to the side.
  3. Hold the lemon essential oil bottle directly above the glass of water at an angle so that the mouth of the lemon essential oil bottle is one or two inches above the mouth of the drinking glass.
  4. Tap the lemon essential oil bottle with one finger and count as four drops fall into the water.
  5. Stir the two ingredients together with a spoon or a small whisk for 20 seconds. This will ensure that the water and the lemon essential oil are combined.
  6. Drink the contents of the glass. Do this once each day to maintain healthy blood pressure. This method is most effective when combined with daily walks.

7. Achieve Natural Hair Highlights without Harsh Bleach

Beautiful blonde highlights will never go out of style. For decades, countless women have happily visited their local hair salons and handed over large amounts of cash in order to achieve gorgeously highlighted hair.

However, there are actually many advantages when it comes to achieving blonde highlights with lemon essential oil instead of hair dye. For one thing, the cost difference is astounding. While a visit to the salon for a highlighting treatment can cost several hundred dollars, doing it with lemon oil will cost next to nothing.

The fact that lemon essential oil can give hair highlights is good news for women who wish to avoid using bleach and other toxic chemicals found in hair dye products. Bleach is a powerfully strong coloring agent that can irritate the scalps of those with sensitive skin. In fact, some people are allergic to bleach and don’t find out until the product is already on their scalp. Serious allergic reactions to bleach can lead to permanent skin damage. In fact, extreme allergic reactions to bleach can cause damage to the internal organs because trace amounts of the bleach absorb through the skin and enter the blood stream (source).

Bleach is also notorious for causing hair damage. The more frequently a person bleaches their hair, the more damaged their hair will become. That’s because bleach is a harsh chemical that strips hair of moisture, causing damage to strands and leaving them fried, frizzy and generally unattractive.

Lemon essential oil acts as a natural and gentle bleaching agent by lifting color gradually from each strand. By sitting out in the sun while the lemon oil sits on your hair, the acids in the lemon oil will become activated by the heat and you’ll have gorgeous highlights in no time (source).

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The Hair-Brightening Spray Method for Beautiful Sun-Kissed Highlights

  1. Clean out a 10oz plastic spray bottle with soap and water.
  2. Hold the spray bottle’s mouth directly under a faucet and fill it with water. Alternatively, you may use filtered water instead of tap if you wish.
  3. After unscrewing its lid, pick up a lemon essential oil bottle in one hand and turn it upside-down. Then, position the lemon essential oil bottle right above the spray bottle’s top.
  4. Shake the lemon oil bottle up and down to pour about 20 drops into the water.
  5. Put the cap tightly back onto the spray bottle and shake the spray bottle for 40 seconds.
  6. On a sunny day, thoroughly spray your hair with this lemon essential oil and water mixture. Then, immediately go outside and sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes. You may do this every day.

8. Clear Up Bodily Yeast Infections without Antibiotics

A yeast infection is caused by a fungus called Candida and can wreak havoc on a person’s body. Because Candida feeds off of sugar, the infection can become worse and worse as it eats the sugar that a person consumes in their diet.

Yeast infections commonly occur along the digestive tract, around the genitals and in the mouth. Symptoms include digestive pain, constipation, itchiness and bad breath.

While yeast infections have many causes, a significant portion of people experience them as a result of taking too many antibiotics. The body needs to maintain a balance of bacteria in order to keep itself healthy. When a person takes antibiotics for an extended period of time, that balance is thrown off, often resulting in a yeast infection. Yeast infections vary in severity and some can even be fatal (source).

Luckily, lemon essential oil has been proven to kill a wide variety of Candida strains that cause yeast infections. By simply consuming the oil daily, you can both treat and prevent yeast infections from occurring in the body (source).

The “Candida Be Gone” Oral Method for Clearing Yeast Infections

  1. Pour water into a glass that can hold eight ounces. Fill the glass to the top with water.
  2. Pour three drops of lemon essential oil into the glass after unscrewing its lid. To pour the lemon essential oil with accuracy, you can slightly tilt the bottle over the water and tap the lemon oil bottle’s side gently.
  3. Stir the water and the lemon essential oil together with a spoon or a whisk for 20 seconds.
  4. Drink the lemon oil and water mixture. You can do this twice each day until the yeast infection has gone away.

9. Fight Chronic Pain with the Magical Power of Aromatherapy

In order to treat all types of pain, most people rely on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that can be purchased in drug stores. Because these medications are over-the-counter, many people mistakenly believe that they are free of the risk of side effects and that they can be taken for extended periods of time.

However, that could not be farther from the truth. It’s very easy to overdose on these pain medications because of the relief that they provide. An overdose can permanently damage the liver and kidneys and cause vomiting and seizures (source).

Lemon essential oil, on the other hand, is a completely safe pain reliever that can be applied topically to the skin or ingested. When applied topically to the skin, it works more quickly because it does not need to travel through the digestive system. Instead, it absorbs through the layers of the skin to reach the tissue of the affected area within minutes.

In fact, lemon essential oil acts as a pain reliever even when it is inhaled. One study confirmed this by testing it on rats that were experiencing chronic pain. By inhaling the oil, the pain went away (source).

The reason that lemon essential oil can treat all types of pain is because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. An anti-inflammatory drug works by blocking the synthesis of prostaglandins that cause inflammation. While opioids stop pain by interfering with the central nervous system’s ability to send pain signals to the brain, anti-inflammatory drugs stop pain by treating the underlying problem. Common pains like headaches and sore muscles are the result of inflammation of the tissue, causing the tissue to become swollen.

The Topical Application Method for Common Aches and Pains

  1. Purchase a 20oz squeeze bottle that is made of plastic. Make sure that the inside of the squeeze bottle is clean by rinsing it under hot water with a little bit of liquid soap for 30 seconds.
  2. Take off the squeeze bottle’s cap by unscrewing it or peeling it. Put a small funnel into the squeeze bottle’s mouth.
  3. Remove the lid from a carrier oil bottle. To massage this oil into the skin properly, you will need a carrier oil that has a thin and non-sticky consistency. Olive oil and jojoba oil are fantastic carrier oils for this purpose.
  4. Hold the carrier oil bottle at a slight angle so that the oil can steadily and slowly pour out of the bottle and into the funnel. Fill the 20oz plastic squeeze bottle with your carrier oil.
  5. Take off the lemon essential oil bottle’s cap and hold the bottle above the funnel. Flip the lemon oil bottle upside-down and start shaking it to pour oil droplets into the carrier oil that’s in the squeeze bottle. Approximately 30 drops of lemon essential oil should fall into the squeeze bottle.
  6. Tightly place the lid back onto the squeeze bottle containing the two oils. Pick up the plastic squeeze bottle and shake it up and down for 50 seconds to mix the two oils together.
  7. To relieve pain with this oil mixture, squeeze out enough oil to coat one palm. Rub both of your hands together and gently massage this oil into the skin that is directly above the area that is inflamed. Massage the oil deeply into the skin with circular motions for about 50 seconds. You may do this several times a day until you are no longer experiencing pain.

The Bath Time Inhalation Method for All-Over Pain Relief and Well-Being

  1. Close all of the doors and windows of your bathroom. Make sure that the exhaust fan is turned off.
  2. Pour warm to hot water into your tub by turning on the faucet. As the water is pouring, you should see steam coming off of it.
  3. When the bathtub is filled about halfway with water, pick up the lemon essential oil bottle and remove the cap. Place the lemon oil bottle’s cap aside.
  4. Directly over the running water, begin to shake the lemon oil bottle up and down. Watch as about 20 drops of lemon oil fall into the tub. Immediately, you should smell the aroma of lemon.
  5. Once the tub is filled with water, turn off the faucet and sit inside. Soak in the water for at least 30 minutes and take deep breaths to inhale the lemon-scented steam. You may do this once each day.

10. Improve Your Mood and Concentration with this Natural Brain Stimulant

When inhaled, lemon essential oil can improve mood and stimulate the brain. Stimulants can improve concentration and mental stamina. If you have to take a difficult exam, try inhaling lemon essential oil beforehand for increased focus and alertness (source).

One study tested the effects that both lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil have on mood. Lavender essential oil caused the test subjects to feel more relaxed, tranquil and tired while lemon essential oil uplifted the mood and stimulated brain activity (source).

Lemon essential oil is a safe alternative to other stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine. While these two chemical stimulants stimulate the brain, they also significantly affect the nervous system by raising a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. Lemon essential oil, on the other hand, merely triggers certain parts of the brain that are responsible for memory, concentration and cognitive function.

The Oil Diffuser Inhalation Method for Alertness and Emotional Well-Being

  1. Put your oil diffuser on a surface that is close to a sink in your home. You may purchase an oil diffuser online if you do not already have one.
  2. Remove the lid of the oil diffuser’s tank and set it off to the side.
  3. Smell the inside of the oil diffuser’s tank. If it still smells like the essential oil that you used last, simply rinse the tank with hot water for 30 seconds and wipe it down with a dry paper towel.
  4. Hold the tank of the oil diffuser under your sink’s faucet. Turn on the faucet to fill the tank of the oil diffuser with water. Be conscious of the maximum fill line.
  5. With the lid still off of the oil diffuser, pour four or five drops of lemon essential oil into the tank. Do this by taking off the lemon oil bottle’s cap and holding the bottle right above the tank. Then, hit the bottle’s side lightly with one finger a few times so that each drop falls out individually.
  6. Snap the lid onto the oil diffuser’s tank. Then, bring the oil diffuser into a comfortable room like your living room or your bedroom.
  7. Plug the diffuser into an outlet. To turn the oil diffuser on, press its power button. Once the oil diffuser is on, you should see vapor coming out of it. You should also smell the lemon scent instantly.
  8. Sit or lie down somewhere that is comfortable and close to the oil diffuser. Focus on breathing deeply. Try to remain close to the oil diffuser for at least one hour. You may do this once each day, preferably in the morning as the stimulating properties of lemon essential oil may interfere with sleep.

11. Tone the Skin for a Radiant and Clear Complexion

More and more people are turning to natural skincare thanks to new studies revealing the harmful chemicals that are used in many commercial skincare products. Ingredients like sulfates and synthetic fragrances can cause skin dryness and irritation. Plus, chemicals used in skincare products enter the bloodstream through the pores of the skin. Many of the ingredients used in commercial skincare products can damage the kidneys and throw hormone levels out of balance (source).

Lemon essential oil is a completely safe and natural skincare product that benefits the complexion in countless ways. For one thing, the oil is a powerful antiseptic that can keep the skin free of the bacteria that causes acne (source). Pimples are infected pores that become filled with bacteria. In fact, new studies are showing that acne bacteria can spread to the brain and the body. Lemon oil kills this bacteria practically on contact (source).

Vitamin C is incredibly beneficial to the skin. Its high level of antioxidants protects the skin from cell damage and aging by blocking free radicals that damage skin cells. Additionally, vitamin C promotes collagen production. Collagen improves skin’s elasticity and firmness, preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging and leaving skin looking plump and youthful. Vitamin C also prevents skin dryness by preserving the water level of skin cells (source).

Lemon essential oil has toning abilities as well. By applying the oil to your face, you can balance out the pH balance of your skin and regulate sebum production. Sebum is an oil that is emitted from the pores to keep skin lubricated and moisturized. However, many factors such as hormonal imbalances can cause an overproduction of sebum that leads to pimples, blackheads and cysts on the skin. By applying lemon essential oil to your face, your pores will be less congested and your face will be less oily (source).

The Acne-Fighting Spot Treatment Method

  1. Twist off the lemon essential oil bottle’s lid and put it aside.
  2. Grab a clean and unused q-tip and hold it in one hand. Pick up the lemon essential oil bottle in the other hand.
  3. Flip the lemon oil bottle vertically so that the spout is facing the ground. Quickly hold the q-tip against the spout of the lemon oil bottle.
  4. With one finger, hit the top of the lemon oil bottle gently. Do this three or four times. A couple drops of lemon essential oil will release from the bottle and absorb into the cotton of the q-tip.
  5. Put the lemon essential oil bottle down and return its lid by screwing it on tightly.
  6. Lightly dab the oil-soaked q-tip onto each pimple. You may repeat this process if you have several pimples. Do not rinse the oil off of your face. Instead, try to leave it on your skin for as long as possible. You may do this twice each day after washing your face thoroughly.

The Oil Application Method for Ageless Skin

  1. Measure out one half of a cup of a carrier oil that can spread effortlessly on the skin. Select an oil that has a thin consistency and is not sticky to the touch. Coconut oil and almond oil are very nourishing for facial skin.
  2. Pour the half of a cup of carrier oil into a small mixing bowl.
  3. Hold a bottle of lemon essential oil upside-down over the mixing bowl containing the carrier oil. Move the oil bottle up and down so that each droplet falls out individually. Pour about six droplets of lemon essential oil into the carrier oil.
  4. Combine the lemon essential oil and the carrier oil by mixing them together with a fork or a whisk for 20 seconds.
  5. Dip all ten fingertips into the oil mixture inside of the bowl. Make sure that each fingertip is coated in oil.
  6. Bring your fingertips to your face and gently massage the oil into your skin using small circular motions. Massage this mixture for one minute. The oil should absorb completely into the skin. Do this every night before bedtime for youthful and radiant skin.

The DIY Toner Method for an Even and Bright Complexion

  1. Twist off an apple cider vinegar bottle’s cap. Make sure that the apple cider vinegar is raw and unfiltered. Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar acts as a facial toner by balancing out the skin’s pH level.
  2. Into a measuring cup, pour one fourth of a cup of the apple cider vinegar.
  3. Pour the contents of the measuring cup into a small mixing bowl.
  4. Return the cap to the apple cider vinegar bottle and put it aside.
  5. Twist the lemon oil bottle’s cap off and hold the bottle upside-down in one hand. Move the bottle so that the spout is one inch above the apple cider vinegar inside of the mixing bowl.
  6. Hit the top of the bottle with your index or middle finger and watch as six drops fall into the apple cider vinegar.
  7. Combine the two ingredients for 20 seconds with a spoon.
  8. Place a small microfiber cloth into the bowl. Allow the cloth to sit there for five seconds so that it soaks up the apple cider vinegar and lemon essential oil mixture.
  9. Remove the cloth from the bowl and squeeze it gently one time so that it is not dripping with liquid.
  10. Dab your face with the soaked cloth, making sure that you get every inch of your face. Do this once every day after washing your face. If you have a particularly oily face, you may do this twice each day.

12. Use a Natural DIY Laundry Detergent for Fresh and Clean Clothes

There are numerous reasons for using lemon essential oil when doing your laundry. First, the refreshing and invigorating scent of lemon gives clothes a fresh fragrance and masks bad odors.

Lemon essential oil is also capable of removing stains because it acts as a natural bleaching agent. By using some lemon essential oil while you do your laundry, your whites will come out looking brighter than ever.

Best of all, lemon essential oil is not toxic and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Many of the ingredients found in commercial laundry detergents are harsh and can cause skin irritation. Also, many people are allergic to ingredients found in commercial laundry products.

The Easy Method for Fresh and Clean Laundry

  1. After filling your washing machine with a load of laundry, fill a cup with the proper amount of laundry detergent.
  2. Place the cup on a surface.
  3. Take off the cap of a lemon essential oil bottle. Pour ten drops of lemon oil into the laundry detergent by holding the bottle directly over the laundry detergent and flipping it over so that the bottle’s top is facing down. While holding the bottle, shake it to release one drop at a time.
  4. Pour the cup containing the laundry detergent and the lemon essential oil into the detergent compartment attached to your washing machine. If your laundry machine does not have a detergent compartment, simply pour the contents of the cup over the clothes inside of the washing machine.
  5. Wash your clothes according to your washing machine’s instructions.

The Stain-Fighting Spray Method for Bright Whites

  1. Completely clean out a 10oz spray bottle by rinsing it with hot water and soap.
  2. Grab a plastic funnel and place it on top of the spray bottle’s opening.
  3. Into the spray bottle, pour white distilled vinegar. Fill the bottle to the top with vinegar.
  4. Take off your lemon oil bottle’s lid and set it aside. Pour fifteen drops of lemon essential oil into the vinegar inside of the spray bottle by angling the bottle and shaking it.
  5. Put the lid of the spray bottle back on by screwing it tightly.
  6. Shake the 10oz spray bottle to combine the ingredients.
  7. Spray this stain remover liberally on fabric stains. Fully saturate the stained area and allow the mixture to soak into the fabric’s fibers for 30 minutes. Then, rinse the fabric thoroughly with cold water.

13. Speed Up the Healing Process with this Natural Wound Cleaner

Lemon essential oil is the perfect product to use on cuts and scrapes for a multitude of reasons. The oil’s antiseptic qualities reduce the risk of contracting an infection as the result of an open wound. A single drop of lemon essential oil on a wound will prevent it from becoming infected.

Additionally, lemon essential oil has been proven to make wounds heal faster. Interestingly, one symptom of a vitamin C deficiency is a reduced rate of the healing of wounds (source).

Vitamin C promotes collagen production which is necessary for the healing of wounds. Collagen helps rebuild wounded skin tissue at a faster rate and prevents scarring (source).

The Amazing Wound-Healing Topical Application Method

  1. Take off your lemon oil bottle’s cap by unscrewing it.
  2. Place a clean and unused cotton ball on top of the lemon essential oil bottle’s spout.
  3. With the cotton ball firmly placed against the spout, flip the bottle vertically.
  4. With a finger, tap the bottle’s top several times. You should see the cotton ball slowly absorb the lemon essential oil. The cotton ball should be saturated with lemon essential oil but not dripping wet.
  5. Place the lemon essential oil bottle aside.
  6. Press the cotton ball against the wound for ten seconds, allowing the lemon essential oil to permeate the damaged tissue.
  7. Repeat this process three times each day until the wound has completely healed.

14. Say Goodbye to Morning Sickness

Any woman who has been pregnant is familiar with the dreaded symptoms of morning sickness. Feeling nauseous day after day can wreak havoc on your state of mind as well as your overall health.

Fortunately, the inhalation of lemon essential oil has been shown to dramatically reduce morning sickness in pregnant women. A study tested lemon essential oil out on a group of pregnant women who had been complaining of constant morning sickness. Half of the women inhaled pure lemon essential oil while the other half inhaled a placebo. The study concluded that the oil can reduce both nausea and vomiting (source).

The “Goodbye to Morning Sickness” Oil Diffuser Method

  1. Remove your oil diffuser’s lid. If you can smell another essential oil upon removing the lid, thoroughly rinse the inside of the tank of the oil diffuser and wipe the inside with a paper towel.
  2. Hold your oil diffuser’s tank right below your sink’s faucet. Turn on the faucet in order to fill the tank of the oil diffuser with water. Do not fill the tank beyond the maximum fill line.
  3. Take off the lid of a lemon essential oil bottle. Then, pick the lemon essential oil bottle up and tilt it, bringing the spout of the lemon essential oil bottle about one to two inches away from the water inside of the oil diffuser’s tank.
  4. Tapping the side of your lemon oil bottle, pour about five or six drops into the tank.
  5. Place the lid back onto the tank of the oil diffuser.
  6. Bring the oil diffuser into a room that you will be occupying for at least one hour.
  7. After plugging the oil diffuser into an outlet, push the power button to turn it on. Immediately, lemon-scented vapor should be coming out of the oil diffuser.
  8. Breathe deeply while you stay in the room with the oil diffuser for at least one hour. Do this each morning to prevent the symptoms of morning sickness.

The Quick Emergency Method for Total Nausea Relief

  1. After removing its lid, pick up a bottle of lemon essential oil in one hand.
  2. Position the lemon essential oil bottle right below one nostril. Its spout should be less than an inch away from your nose.
  3. Breathe through your nose, inhaling for seven seconds and exhaling for seven seconds.
  4. Continue breathing in the lemon essential oil until the nausea has passed. You may do this however many times you’d like each day.

15. Fight a Cold with a Delicious Vitamin C Tonic

Anyone who has suffered from a cold knows that it can be a miserable experience. A cold can cause muscle aches, nasal and throat congestion, a sore throat, a headache and a fever. There are over 200 strains of the common cold and more than a billion Americans catch colds each year (source).

One of the most classic remedies for a cold is a tall glass of orange juice. This is because of the juice’s high vitamin C content. Unfortunately, orange juice is loaded with sugar that can cause inflammation. Because the fever and pains associated with a cold are the result of inflammation, sugar should be avoided as much as possible for a speedy recovery (source).

The good news is that lemon essential oil delivers a high level of vitamin C to the body without the sugar. Vitamin C can eradicate a cold by giving the immune system the fuel that it needs to fight off the infection. In fact, vitamin C intake can both prevent a cold and shorten the duration of a cold (source).

In addition to its ability to aid the immune system, lemon essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces inflammation throughout the body. Many people turn to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs when they have a cold in order to reduce a fever and relieve pain. Pure lemon essential oil, however, will do the same thing without any unwanted side effects.

Because lemon essential oil acts as a stimulant, it will also help improve mood and cognitive function that is often depleted when one’s body is fighting an infection. By inhaling lemon essential oil, one can avoid the mental fatigue, brain fog and overall poor mood associated with being sick.

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The Easy Oral Method for Cold Relief

  1. Fill a mug with water by placing it under your faucet and turning the faucet on. You may choose to use filtered water instead if you’d like.
  2. Place the mug inside of a microwave and run the microwave for about 30 seconds to warm the water.
  3. Measure out two tablespoons of raw, unfiltered honey. Honey has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties that can kill infections. Pour the honey into the mug.
  4. Pick up a bottle of lemon essential oil and twist off its cap. Then, tilt the bottle and pour four drops of lemon essential oil into the water and honey mixture. To pour each drop out individually, hit the bottle’s side with one finger.
  5. Put the lemon essential oil bottle down.
  6. Stir the honey, water and lemon mixture with a spoon for 30 seconds. The ingredients should be well-mixed.
  7. Drink the mixture immediately. You may do this three times each day until the cold has gone away.

Lemon Essential Oil FAQ

What is Lemon Essential Oil?

Lemon essential oil comes from the rinds of the lemon fruit. Lemons are a citrus fruit that are rich in vitamin C. For thousands of years, people have used lemon as a flavoring agent in foods thanks to its tart and acidic flavor (source).

Lemons come from lemon trees. These trees belong to the evergreen family and are native to Asia. Today, however, lemons are grown all around the world, from the coastal states of America to the Mediterranean region (source).

What are the Uses of Lemon Essential Oil?

Lemon essential oil is known for its wide variety of uses. In addition to its flavoring abilities, the oil has many health benefits.

In aromatherapy, lemon essential oil is inhaled for its stimulating properties. The oil has been shown to improve mood, concentration, mental energy and cognitive function.

Lemon oil is also used for its pain-relieving abilities as well as its ability to fight infections. Because of its vitamin C content, the oil can boost the immune system and keep the body healthy.

The oil is also used in skincare because of its various positive effects on the skin. As an antiseptic, the oil is used in household cleaning products as well.

What is the Composition of Lemon Essential Oil?

Lemon essential oil’s leading chemical compounds are a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, a-terpinene, linalool, b-bisabolene, limonene, trans-a-bergamotene, nerol and neral.

How is Lemon Essential Oil Made?

Lemon essential oil is extracted using the cold-pressing method, also known as expression. The rinds of the lemon fruit are poked with spikes in order to release the oil. Then, the rinds are pressed down with a large amount of pressure, allowing the oil to separate from the rinds (source).

Does Lemon Essential Oil Work?

Over the years, a tremendous amount of scientific research has validated the claims that lemon essential oil is capable of treating a wide variety of ailments. The oil’s chemical compounds give it unique properties that can heal the body, positively affect the brain, kill germs and keep mosquitoes away.

How is Lemon Essential Oil Taken?


Lemon essential oil is taken by children for a multitude of reasons. When ingested, the oil can treat infections such as colds and yeast infections. When applied topically to the skin, the oil can treat wounds, repel mosquitoes and heal pain. When inhaled, the oil can improve cognitive function and promote emotional well-being.


Adults use lemon essential oil in a variety of ways. When ingested, the oil improves digestion, boosts the function of the immune system, aids in weight loss and fights inflammation. When applied topically to the skin, the oil improves the facial complexion, relieves pain, repels mosquitoes and treats wounds. When inhaled, the oil acts as a stimulant and mood enhancer.

Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe?

Lemon essential oil is safe to ingest when diluted. It is also safe to apply topically to the skin and to inhale.

What are the Side Effects of Lemon Essential Oil?

When lemon essential oil is ingested undiluted and in a large quantity, it can cause vomiting and burning sensations along the digestive tract (source).

Those who have sensitive skin may experience irritation when the oil is applied undiluted to the skin.

Medical Interactions

There are no known medical interactions.

Pregnant Women

Lemon essential oil is likely safe for pregnant women.


Children can safely take lemon essential oil.

Ingesting Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is safe to ingest in small quantities when diluted.

Facts About Lemon Essential Oil

Botanical name: Citrus limon
Common method of extraction: cold-pressing
Plant part typically used: rinds
Color: pale yellow
Consistency: thin
Strength of aroma: strong
Aromatic scent: citrus
Blends well with: eucalytpus, grapefruit, orange

Where Can I Buy Lemon Essential Oil?

Lemon essential oil can be purchased in many grocery stores and specialty stores. It can also be easily found online.

Lemon Essential Oil Benefits Infographic


In addition to its zesty and refreshing scent, lemon essential oil offers a multitude of health benefits as well as cleaning abilities. The oil can keep your body healthy, aid in weight loss, provide you with beautiful skin, relieve pain, repel mosquitoes, improve your mood and keep your home free of germs. Therefore, there’s no reason to go another day without having this incredible product in your home. The benefits are endless.

Do you keep a bottle of lemon essential oil at home? Tell us why in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family!

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