Essential Oil Detox Baths for Stress Relief

When life is busy, life is hard. Weaving out some time to relieve anxiety is essential in today’s rapid environment. Keeping a “work-life” balance isn’t easy. Nor is keeping a “life-life” balance. Fortunately, there are a number of essential oil detox baths for stress relief that can promote relaxation, energy, and contentment. It doesn’t matter … Read more

DIY Antibacterial Essential Oils for Deodorant Recipes

Roses and Bottles

If you’re looking to deodorize without the negative health effects of parabens, aluminum, and various toxins, you might consider a homemade natural deodorant. While there are a number of fragrant ingredients that go into creating your own DIY deodorizer, essential oils are arguably the most desirable ingredient. Deodorants work by generating an acidic, inhospitable environment … Read more

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