Natural Alternative to Nyquil and Dayquil

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Whether it’s sleep, congestion, or pain that’s keeping you down (or up), there is a natural alternative to Nyquil and Dayquil that will help keep you both comfortable and healthy. Sick of that groggy feeling you have after taking too much Nyquil? Are you tired of that “zombie” feeling that Dayquil seems to give you … Read more

How to Treat Migraine Headaches Naturally

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Whether it’s a tension headache, chronic migraine, or just the occasional pain in the brain, there are plenty of ways to treat your migraine headaches naturally. Sure, using natural headache remedies during pregnancy is critical to protecting a mother’s child. But being pregnant shouldn’t be the only reason to use healthy 100% organic migraine solutions. … Read more

Top Natural Menopause Solutions For Hot Flashes

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While many women go through menopause without too much grief, others experience significant side effects – everything from hot flashes to mind and body changes. Well, as the title of this article suggests, there are natural menopause solutions out there to treat a range of symptoms. Menopause symptoms can be everywhere from moderate to severe, … Read more

Natural Antidepressants That Work Fast and Effective

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Depression. It’s an affliction that millions and millions of people deal with all around the world. Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, anti-anxiety medications, and other prescription drugs – maybe you’ve tried them. But did you know, there are natural antidepressants that work just as fast (generally faster) and effective than the plethora of chemically-induced drugs out there? … Read more

Relaxing Aromatherapy Oils to Help You Sleep

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Looking for a natural sleep aid to rid yourself of those restless evenings of insomnia (or maybe just some mild sleeping troubles)? Believe it or not, aromatherapy essential oils like lavender are highly effective in helping people get a good night’s rest. And we’re not just  talking about getting to sleep, but also staying asleep … Read more

Best Essential Oils For Low Female Libido

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“I have no energy.” “Work was stressful today.” “I’m just too darn tired.” These are statements that can be all too familiar, when talking about both male and female libido. Maybe you’ve already tried the plethora of sexual enhancement medications on the market. And maybe you’re now looking for a healthy, all natural, and quite … Read more

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